Our Freakin' Guests
  1. Executive Director
    Geek Cast Ry
    Host/Captain Bad Ass
    GCR is the host of Geek Cast Live. You can find him Saturdays at gcl.ninja and on Thursdays at moviepodcastweekly.com
  2. Executive Director
    Johnny Try Hard
    Rock Band
    Formerly Entropy, This freakin' band made the music you can find at the beginning and end of our Season 1 & 2 Episodes.
  3. Executive Director
    Z-Poc X-Pert
    Local Zombie expert and Z-Poc enthusiast.
  4. Executive Director
    Geek Cast Bass
    Host/inFamous DJ
    Co-Host on Geek Cast Live. Bass geeks out on EDM, Marvel, and RPGs. Find him Saturdays at gcl.ninja
  5. Executive Director
    Local Metal Band
    Local Metal Band. Plays shows all over Chicagoland and beyond. www.reverbnation.com/ephinepic
  6. Executive Director
    Joe Swanson
    Marvel Amateur Scientist
    No relation to Family Guy, but this freakin' guy knows his stuff when it comes to Marvel.
  7. Executive Director
    Hilton Ariel Ruiz
    Producer, Writer, Director
    Hilton Ariel Ruiz has produced/written and directed several narrative fiction features, shorts and documentaries.
  8. Executive Director
    CJ Standal
    Comic Creator
    CJ Standal Productions was created to self publish CJ Standal's first comic Rebirth of the Gangster, illustrated by the great Juan Romera.
  9. Executive Director
    Super Kayce
    SuperKayce is a cosplayer, artist, gamer, and all around fan-girl from the Midwest! For more information about shows check out https://www.facebook.com/SuperKayceCosplay/
  10. Podcaster Extraordinary
    Clint Thiele
    Vengeful Jedi
    Clint is the host of GeekDig Podcast. A master of the Jedi arts and Technomancy, you can follow Clint on Twitter at @vengefuljedi and listen to him at: http://www.geekdigpod.com/
  11. Executive Director
    You Again
    Web Series
    You Again follows the toxic, but yet hilarious relationship between recent exes and now current roommates, Audra and Zander, who seem to be drawn to each other like moths to a flame.
  12. Executive Director
    Leslie Tom
    Country Singer
    This Texas native now living in Denver is the epitome of traditional country music with lyrics of cheating hearts, love lost and found and perhaps a pick-up truck or two mentioned in her songs.
  13. Executive Director
    Fear Innes
    Host of FEARcast & FYFCast. Love metal, horror, MMA & comedy. Bring the MUTHAFUCKIN RUKUS!
  14. Executive Director
    Owner/Operator Fire Pit Bar & Grill
    Lisa is the proud owner of the freakin awesome bar/restaurant in the small town of Peotone, IL. with years of experience, she hopes to see you walk through the door of her place.
  15. Executive Director
    Chris Picker
    MMA Fighter
    Chris is a small town boy who broke out as a top competitor in the local MMA Scene.
  16. Executive Director
    Infinite Monkeys Games
    Game Designers
    Infinite Monkeys Games strives to create engrossing tabletop role playing games that enable players and game masters to bring their own ideas and machinations to life.
  17. Executive Director
    Brian Lau
    Comic Creator
    The man behind the creation that is an epic comic called "STAunchambiTION"
  18. Executive Director
    M+K Productions
    Crew of "Expecting"
    Psychological thriller about a pregnant writer and her manager husband who go to the country to pack up her long lost uncle's house.
  19. Executive Director
    Jay Sandlin
    Comic Creator
    He is the creator and founder of The Novel Comics: Alternate History. With Superheroes. Jay labels his book chapters as Issues and releases them in serialized installments like comic books but in a literary format
  20. Executive Director
    Matt & Jordan
    Producer / Cast
    We Make Movies is an independent movie created by the cast and crew lead by Producer Matt Tory and Actor Jordan Hopewell
  21. Executive Director
    Jordan Troche
    Manga Creator
    Jordan Troche is the Creator of Fallen Manga Studios. Avid Writer & Up and Coming Cosplayer
  22. Executive Director
    Bob Salley
    Salvagers Comic Creator
    Writer & Creator of comic book series and web comics at Source Point Press
  23. Executive Director
    James Dermond
    Short Story Author
    An early student of philosophy and pulp literature, he slowly gravitated towards writing and now writes full time. 'Doorways to the Unseen: 6 Tales of Terror and Suspense' is a horror short story series.
  24. Executive Director
    A podcast that collects experiences with the paranormal, bizarre, and just plain weird! Hosted by Johnathon & Colin
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